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Journalism, Sensationalism and Bitching

Gujarat and Safety

A video has supposedly gone viral in poll bound Gujarat (Surprising, how I was not able to find this viral on youtube, facebook, google. None of the friends I spoke to have seen it on whatsapp either). This controversial video is being given communal flavour by the presstitutes and covered as front page news. Election commission has ordered a probe, banned the video. Cybercrime Cell is investigating its origins. Libtards are demanding strict action against those who made and circulated the video. I fail to understand how the speeches by the likes of Owaisi and Abdullah are not found inflammatory and they are not imprisoned for instigating communal divide.

This video, is in no way communal as being portrayed by the presstitutes, Libtards and siculars. I haven’t seen the video, but what I’ve read is: The video shows a girl hurrying back home; through a deserted locality with some sound playing in the background (probably azaan). When she finally enters her house, her worried parents jum…

Distance Education and Technical Degree.

The (not so) Supreme court ruled out technical courses through distance education. I fail to understand the logic (becoming rarer in recent supreme court decisions), if there is any. The only piece of supporting information is that the court feels "it will not the same as person attending college". Going through other media/news articles, other things being discussed are seats in the Engineering colleges are going vacant, the quality of the Distance Learning is not enforceable and stipulation of distance education be conducted after proper approvals.

Distance Education?
I am not sure what Supreme Court classifies as Distance Education. Is it the IGNOU model where course material is sent via Post or it encompasses all where students are physically not in campus, to include online courses (moving beyond postal services). I am assuming the 2nd definition.

Knowledge and degree have no correlation. Going to college does not guarantee knowledge. The application of the k…