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Legacy of IIT/IIM

A particular tweet caught my attention a while ago.
Well, IIT Kharagpur (the idea) was conceptualized in 1946 (pre-independence) and started functioning from 1950. The next 4 IIT were simply replicating the idea. Yes it did happen in the congress rule. However, the very idea of IIT like institute had nothing to do with Indian National Congress.

Lets still give credit to INC for setting up the institutes like IIT Delhi, Madras, Powai and IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta (The original names).

These became world class institutes over time. The reputation was recognized in the best of the institutes world over. I had the opportunity to study at one of the best B-Schools (Wharton) and interact with multi-Ethnic students and faculty. They spoke of some professor or their PhD guide etc. who were from IIT/IIM; with great respect, for their knowledge, professionalism and calibre.

In the first decade of this millennium, INC commoditised IIT/IIM and started opening it in every nook and co…