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Virtual Greeting, Social Celebration and Real Relations

Facebook greeted me with a message, as the year came to a close.
 Do I care?  Obviously Not. My year ended pretty good, even with this note from Facebook.   But, Should you care? Real World Connections. I have close to 2000 friends on Facebook. All of whom I have met, most I fondly interact whenever I meet. (Few are mere acquaintances). The number would have been greater if all my friends were on Facebook and connected.
I have made friends in real life and later connected with them on Facebook. The friends on my list are from my School days, College, Band of Brothers from the Armed Forces, Training academies, various courses I've attended, people with whom I've served in various tenures. My batch mates from MBA. Colleagues from the companies I've worked with. Neighbours from places I've stayed at. Friends with whom I've gone on trips. My students, participants and trainers- from the trainings I've attended and imparted. Friends I made on various trips. Bike …

Journalism, Sensationalism and Bitching

Gujarat and Safety

A video has supposedly gone viral in poll bound Gujarat (Surprising, how I was not able to find this viral on youtube, facebook, google. None of the friends I spoke to have seen it on whatsapp either). This controversial video is being given communal flavour by the presstitutes and covered as front page news. Election commission has ordered a probe, banned the video. Cybercrime Cell is investigating its origins. Libtards are demanding strict action against those who made and circulated the video. I fail to understand how the speeches by the likes of Owaisi and Abdullah are not found inflammatory and they are not imprisoned for instigating communal divide.

This video, is in no way communal as being portrayed by the presstitutes, Libtards and siculars. I haven’t seen the video, but what I’ve read is: The video shows a girl hurrying back home; through a deserted locality with some sound playing in the background (probably azaan). When she finally enters her house, her worried parents jum…

Distance Education and Technical Degree.

The (not so) Supreme court ruled out technical courses through distance education. I fail to understand the logic (becoming rarer in recent supreme court decisions), if there is any. The only piece of supporting information is that the court feels "it will not the same as person attending college". Going through other media/news articles, other things being discussed are seats in the Engineering colleges are going vacant, the quality of the Distance Learning is not enforceable and stipulation of distance education be conducted after proper approvals.

Distance Education?
I am not sure what Supreme Court classifies as Distance Education. Is it the IGNOU model where course material is sent via Post or it encompasses all where students are physically not in campus, to include online courses (moving beyond postal services). I am assuming the 2nd definition.

Knowledge and degree have no correlation. Going to college does not guarantee knowledge. The application of the k…

Suu Kyi, Rohingya, Oxford and Hypocrisy

#Britain (and a lot of other nations are) condemning the Myanmar Army, Administration and the Nations for the Rohingya crisis. Myanmar is Buddhist majority nation. Buddhists are by far the most peace loving religion in the world. What is forcing the most peace-loving religion to take such drastic action?  The world media is showing pictures of miserable families and children of the refugees and writing stories of atrocities on them. The refugees would love playing victims. Narrate stories that may not have even happened. After all they want is sympathy. They would never talk about what they as a community have done to anger the nation and a peaceful community.
Oxford University dropped Noble Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi from common room's name ( as she had not been able to stop (the so called) atrocities on Rohingya community and the blatant Human rights violation. Myanmar is trying to solve their internal problems, forced to take extreme measures by those playing victim …

Supreme Court Ban: Green Diwali my @$$

Recently Supreme Court banned sale of firecrackers for Diwali in NCR, stating pollution and some stupid reason. The decision, as it seems was backed by no or little data, and a lot by whims and fancies and probably lobbying by Sickulars and Pseudo-Liberals. When the nation and common man cries foul and calls the supreme court communal, the honourable dumb-asses say they are pained/anguished ( 
Does bursting crackers on Diwali only causes pollution? How about the Christmas and New Year. I have seen the Sydney Fireworks on New Year. On that one event at the harbour, they must be creating more pollution than the entire Delhi over the 2 days. Back home, there are other festivals where we see firecrackers. Come marriage season, across regions and religions, we see a huge display (read show off) of crackers.
Arguing on other points. What is the contribution of firecracker pollution? A rough calculation shows less than 0.01% annually. The firecracker pollution is mostly …

Legacy of IIT/IIM

A particular tweet caught my attention a while ago.
Well, IIT Kharagpur (the idea) was conceptualized in 1946 (pre-independence) and started functioning from 1950. The next 4 IIT were simply replicating the idea. Yes it did happen in the congress rule. However, the very idea of IIT like institute had nothing to do with Indian National Congress.

Lets still give credit to INC for setting up the institutes like IIT Delhi, Madras, Powai and IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta (The original names).

These became world class institutes over time. The reputation was recognized in the best of the institutes world over. I had the opportunity to study at one of the best B-Schools (Wharton) and interact with multi-Ethnic students and faculty. They spoke of some professor or their PhD guide etc. who were from IIT/IIM; with great respect, for their knowledge, professionalism and calibre.

In the first decade of this millennium, INC commoditised IIT/IIM and started opening it in every nook and co…