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Gujarat and Safety

 A video has supposedly gone viral in poll bound Gujarat (Surprising, how I was not able to find this viral on youtube, facebook, google. None of the friends I spoke to have seen it on whatsapp either). This controversial video is being given communal flavour by the presstitutes and covered as front page news. Election commission has ordered a probe, banned the video. Cybercrime Cell is investigating its origins. Libtards are demanding strict action against those who made and circulated the video. I fail to understand how the speeches by the likes of Owaisi and Abdullah are not found inflammatory and they are not imprisoned for instigating communal divide.

This video, is in no way communal as being portrayed by the presstitutes, Libtards and siculars. I haven’t seen the video, but what I’ve read is: The video shows a girl hurrying back home; through a deserted locality with some sound playing in the background (probably azaan). When she finally enters her house, her worried parents jump in relief and embrace her. Her mother looks at the camera and says, “Surprised that this is Gujarat?” The father adds: “This was Gujarat 22 years ago. And this can happen again if they return.” The clip ends with a line that reads, “Our vote, our safety.”

Recheck the facts and the script. 22 years ago Gujarat saw the last of Congress government in the state. This is a clear attack on Congress governance, not against a community. State of affairs then were grave. Riots were a commonplace. Communal violence was frequent. Safety was a major concern. Forget girls, boys were scared of going around late at night. Some areas were forbidden- parents would never allow anyone go anywhere near the areas. Pakistan defeating India was celebrated. Once I wandered off into one such area and saw Pak flags fluttering in broad daylight. I realised I was in a wrong place and quickly turned my bike around.

I spoke to some Gujarati friends who say the business has been great. Investments are coming in fast and easy. Post liberalization, due to the frequent disturbances, MNC’s and local business giants were not keen on investing in Gujarat. The projects and investments in Gujarat over the last 2 decades is testimony of the business environment. People roam around fearless at night. Crime rate is low. Girls can go alone at night. It’s safe. Gujarat has seen prolonged peace and increased safety over the last decade and a half. Probably the effect of good governance. or people realizing peace is good for business and development.

I haven’t seen the video. But safety is a genuine concern. I do not want this peace and freedom to go. It’s highly unlikely that congress comes back to power. But the concern for safety is genuine.


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