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Journalism, Sensationalism and Bitching

Sensationalizing a stupid story
Journalism is supposed to be writing for newspapers, or news websites or preparing news for broadcast…. But reading and listening to most of the news, feels like it’s more of sensationalizing and bitching, not caring what’s right or wrong.
Truth but Not all the Truth
A recent front page article by Kavita Updhyay in 26/11 Indian Express talks about arrest of a Muslim youth for sharing something offensive about Prime Minister via his smartphone. The article portrays the boy (an uneducated adult) and his family (irresponsible citizens and parents) as victims. It doesn’t mention anything more than ‘morphed photo’ about what he shared was objectionable. WTF. You’ll just make a story because you want to portray a minority youth as a victim. Pathetic.

Misplaced Priorities: Masala over Martyrs
I prefer facts and the right things. Firstly, on 26/11, the day of terror attacks, the newspaper gives about 20% real-estate on front page to this stupid victimization story and 4% to Mumbai terror attack (based on square inch print of the 2 articles). Insensitive.

Playing Victim
The so called victim is a 19 year old adult and the mother is crying foul he is just a kid, what does he know. When will he grow up to be an adult? When is he supposed to know? And whose responsibility is it to make him aware of things?He is a class 3 drop out. As parents, what were they doing for the last 10-12 years (since he dropped out of school) with the so called kid? Bad parenting. And on top- pathetic journalism.

He is one of the 5 children to the parents. Whatever happened to family planning? Oh yes, being Muslim, they may be following Sharia and not Indian policy of 1 wife, 2 child. Irresponsible citizens. Naturally, I don’t expect the parents to put any sense or care much about educating or teaching anything to their children. Either the portrayed victim or any of the other five siblings.

Suiting facts to the Story
His parents, who earn 6000-8000 a month, bought him a smart phone costing 7500. WTF. He threw some tantrums and some emotional melodrama. His parent got him the smartphone 5 months back. A 19 year old uneducated, unemployed good for nothing brat. He deserved a kick on his butt. They seriously should have given him that. If he wants a phone, go earn; buy a phone.

That’s bad parenting at so many levels. And irresponsible citizenship. Leaves me speechless to even comment on the journalism quality.


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